Where do I get a 120 mining cape? (2023)

Where do I get a 120 Defence cape?

The cape is sold by Captain Harlan or in the Max Guild by Elen Anterth for 120,000 coins.

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Where can I get a 120 Herb cape?

The cape is sold by Kaqemeex in Taverley and by Elen Anterth in the Max Guild for 120,000 coins. Master capes were voted on in a Power to the Players, where the option to add them won with 63%. The master cape had a unique emote added when Herblore was raised to level 120 on 25 November 2019 (update).

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Where can I buy a Mining cape?

A Mining cape can be purchased for 99,000 coins alongside the Mining hood from Gadrin at the Mining Guild entrance by players who have achieved level 99 Mining. It is the Cape of Accomplishment, also commonly called a skill cape, for the Mining skill.

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Do you need 120 for max cape?

The master max cape is a cape available to players who have attained at least level 120 in all 28 skills, including those with virtual levels.

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Can you get an untrimmed 120 cape?

Trimmed capes

There is no way to manually choose the style, as it is entirely dependent on the number of level 99 skills the player has. Once trimmed, a skill cape will never be untrimmed again.

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How many QP is a cape?

The Quest point cape (often referred to as "Quest Cape", "QC" or "QPC") can be obtained by players who have completed all quests and achieved 269 Quest points.

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What does 99 Slayer Cape do?

Like all skill capes, the Slayer cape gives +9 to all defensive stats, and also a +4 bonus to prayer if it is trimmed, which requires a separate skill at level 99. The cape is automatically trimmed if this condition is met.

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What drops OBBY cape?

The obsidian cape is a piece of the Obsidian armour and can be bought from the weapons shop in Mor Ul Rek for 90,000 Tokkul or be obtained as a drop from TzHaar monsters in the city. It is a popular choice for players who do not have the skill or stats to obtain a fire cape or a skillcape.

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Where can I buy a defense cape?

The Defence cape is a Cape of Accomplishment that players can purchase only when they've reached level 99 in the Defence skill. It can be bought from Harlan, the Melee combat tutor, for 99,000 coins from where he resides, close to the Lumbridge general store.

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How do you get a 15 year veteran cape?

Accounts that are at least 15 years old can purchase the cape and hood from Hans at Lumbridge Castle for 150,000 coins. Players wearing the 15 year veteran cape are able to perform a unique emote by right-clicking the cape while it is equipped and selecting the emote option.

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How do you get a 10 year veteran cape?

Accounts which are at least 10 years old can purchase the ten-year veteran cape and hood from Hans at Lumbridge Castle for 100,000 coins.

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How do you get the cape in idle Slayer?

To unlock the Cape you also need to finish the Master Quest called Chemical Components and buy the Warming Up upgrade for 1.00e37 / 10 Ud coins. Warming Up can be permanently unlocked through the Astral Ascension Upgrade Silk Master removing the need to complete the quest or buy the Upgrade.

Where do I get a 120 mining cape? (2023)
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