How can I check my sagicor life insurance online? (2023)

How can I check my sagicor life insurance online?

The Sagicor Mobile App is a new service that enables you access your policy information as well as general information on insurance.

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Can I withdraw money from my sagicor life insurance?

Savings Fund

An investment feature within the Sagicor Life Inc Universal Life policies that allows for contribution, lump sum payments and withdrawals of cash.

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Does Sagicor have WhatsApp number?

We can chat 24/7 on Sagicor's WhatsApp channel. Just add 1 (246) 467-7243 to your WhatsApp, and I'll be there to guide you through your WhatsApp experience.

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Does Sagicor have an app?

You can access the Sagicor Mobile App from any Android or IOS device with access to a data plan or WiFi. While you can download it on several devices, you can only have one mobile session running at a time.

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How long does Sagicor take to process claims?

Upon initial notification a claim packet will be sent within 3 business days. Upon receipt of the last requirement the claim will be processed within 7 business days (Non-Contestable Claims). Processing time may be extended if additional review is required.

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How can I check my life insurance policy online?

The Life Insurance Policy Locator is a free online tool that helps consumers find their deceased loved one's life insurance policies and annuity contracts. The locator is easy to use. In your web browser, navigate to, hover over Consumer, and click Life Insurance Policy Locator under Tools.

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What is sagicor ultra life policy?

The Ultra Life Plan is an equity-linked insurance plan available to anyone up to the age of 80, which offers a flexible approach to your personal financial planning needs whilst providing life coverage. You may contribute any premium, subject to a minimum amount determined by the Company from time to time.

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How do I redeem my sagicor points?

Call the Sagicor Rewards Client Care Center at 888-SAGICOR (724-4267) and select the rewards option to speak with a representative for further details. Sagicor Rewards is a loyalty programme that is offered on select Sagicor Bank Credit Card products!

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How do I contact sagicor bank?

Sagicor Bank Sagicor Bank - Tropical Plaza
  1. Tel: (876) 960-4722.
  2. Fax: (876) 968-0870.

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What are the requirements to open a sagicor bank account?

One valid photo identification required:
  • National ID Card with photo.
  • Driver's License (photograph/signature)
  • Passport.
  • Employee ID (photograph/signature)with letter from employer.
  • Citizenship Card or Senior Citizen ID with Birth Certificate.

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How do I pay my sagicor life insurance online?

Ways to Pay Your Premiums
  1. Pay using the Sagicor GO Mobile App.
  2. Pay using the Sagicor GO Client Portal.
  3. Pay using Online Banking.
  4. Motor, Home and General Insurance clients.
  5. Group Life and Health clients.
  6. Group Pensions & Retirement Plans clients.
  7. Online Banking Payment Confirmation.
  8. Pay using Your Credit Card.

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How do you use sagicor online banking?

Just sign in to Sagicor e-Bank Online to do your everyday banking.
  1. Pay bills.
  2. Check your balance and account history.
  3. Funds Transfer between Sagicor Accounts.
  4. View Loans.
  5. Get e-Statements.
  6. Order Cheque books.
  7. Go Paperless.

How can I check my sagicor life insurance online? (2023)
How do I cancel my sagicor insurance?

If you need to cancel or change the Insurance, please contact the email or our chat at The cancellation can be made if it is within 5 business days after the purchase and provided that the coverage period has not started.

Can sagicor health card be used overseas?

This card can be used for the following services: Overseas Emergency Medical Service & Overseas Non-Emergency Medical Service, major medical services to the covered employee. This requires prior authorization from Sagicor.

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